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Email Marketing solutions with Anaxco

Email Marketing solution that helps businesses to market their products and services more effectively to the most appropriate target audience.

If you're looking to send email newsletters, press releases, bulk email product updates or all of the above, our custom-designed, direct email marketing templates, real-time response trackers and user-friendly features ensure you impress your audience and grow your business.
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Why are so many businesses choosing email marketing?

Potential Returns

Email marketing generated 40% for every Rupee invested according to a 2011 study by the Direct Marketing Association.

Targeted Campaigns

Choose from hundreds of firmographic and demographic criteria to reach your specific target market.

Quick Turnaround Time

From planning to execution, our email campaigns are put together in a few days rather than the weeks required for print promotions.

Professional Expertise

ANAXCO experts are always available to help you build your list, design your email, ensure delivery, and track results.